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Academic and Graduation Program

The Sea to Sky School District graduation program is considered one of the best academic & competency-based programs in the province. Our schools have the most up to date pedagogy, technology and facilities possible. With well-educated and award winning teaching staff, the Sea to Sky School District offers students a caring environment where personal attention assists them with their academic goals.

We strive for personalized service for all of our students.  ELL is available as an intensive program or as a support program for students while they take their academic courses. Vocational and technical courses are offered for students who wish to pursue Art, Theatre, Design, Automotive Technology, Carpentry, Metalwork, Electronics, and Hospitality and Tourism programs.  Students are provided personal counseling services and assistance on further educational opportunities.

Obtaining a BC Dogwood Graduation Certificate is typically done over a 3 year period.  The graduation program has specific requirements in order to obtain the credits for graduation.   Please follow this link for the BC requirements:  https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/administration/legislation-policy/public-schools/graduation-requirements

On occasion, graduation can be obtained in less than 3 years.  To find out more, please contact our Academic Advisor.  dogwood

Whether you are planning to attend through to graduation or coming for 1 year or 1 term, the Sea to Sky School District offers a multitude of learning and outdoor recreation experiences. 

Come learn and grow with us!