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For Students

Sea to Sky International Student Program knows that the most critical part of our students' study abroad experience is their life in their new Canadian home. We believe that a happy student will be a successful student. We have experienced  homestay coordinators to ensure this part of our program is a success.


The Sea to Sky International Student program is the custodian of the international student while they are in our program.


Most of our homestay families have children attending the schools and all of our families live within the school district area. Homestay families are carefully selected and must complete a detailed home stay form and submit to a criminal record check. Our families provide a clean, comfortable home environment, a private bedroom for the student with space for studying, food for three healthy meals a day and snacks. They must participate in a home inspection where the requirements of being a homestay are explained.  Our families also attend a homestay seminar in the Fall, and follow up sessions throughout the year.


Students are placed with a family that is the best possible match and meets the interests of the student.  Make sure you tell us about yourself in your Student Letter (to the host family), this way we have a better chance of finding the right fit!   Students will be sent the homestay profile as early as possible so they can connect with their new family. Our families are active, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and take pleasure in having students participate in family activities.


Students will fly into Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and our airport pickup service greets students at the airport and drives them safely to their host family residence.