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Pemberton, with a population of 3,000, lies 20 minutes north of Whistler. Pemberton sits in a wide valley surrounded by mountains, which makes it consistently warmer than Whistler. One of the most prominent features in the Pemberton area is the 8,000-foot Mount Currie. Its looming presence is perhaps the most notable feature in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Farming has been the traditional industry of the Pemberton Valley, and continues to be a significant contributor to the local economy. Pemberton has a dragon boat racing team which has successfully defended its title in international events for many years. Horseback riding is also popular in this community, as are cross-country skiing, hiking and biking. Pemberton has one elementary school and one high school.
This is Jente - she was our home stay daughter from Norway a few years ago. 
In order to help pay for her ski pass she did the Ski Patrol program.  While on patrol she had to help someone seriously injured.  Suddenly it came to her, loud as day, "This is what I am going to do!"
She is now graduated from University in Oslo, Norway.   She got a job in Boergen as an Emergency Medical Technician two weeks before Covid 19 hit. 
Today she saves lives!
Violette - France
My experience in Canada was amazing. Pemberton is a really cute city and the mountains are beautiful. Students and teachers are really friendly. I made really good friends from Canada and everywhere like Germany, Japan and Brazil... there are a lot of physical activities like biking or skiing. I had so much fun in Canada!

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